About Us

Hi, nice to meet you!

My name is Pam Gutzke, creator and founder of Muck Boots & More. Our company was created right here on our farm in the heart of the prairies. Our family spends long hours at work on the farm in some of the harshest elements; from the coldest of Canadian winter days to the dust and heat during summer hay season. We were always searching for the perfect boot to fit our needs. Once we found it, I had to share it with others.

We are a small business that continues to operate right out of my office at the farm. We use the products we sell. Our boots are put to work daily as we raise 200 head of beef cattle and farm 4000 acres of grainland near Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

At our place, farm and family go hand in hand. We have 5 children, their spouses, and 8 grandchildren. When we aren’t in the tractor, we are most likely spending time with them. There is nothing better than an evening of fishing with my family followed by a fish fry!

I appreciate you stopping to visit and support our business. I love sharing Muck Boots with others. And I also love connecting with those that I share with.